Dedicated to Hand Stamped and Handmade

Katy Ryan Designs developed out of a scholars program project during my sophomore year at The Ohio State University. What started as an idea to start a shop dedicated to all kinds of handmade crafts, changed quickly when I fell in love with the craft of hand stamping and focused my shop there. I began marketing to sororities and students around campus and after some great feedback I moved my shop onto Etsy!

Since then, I've graduated from Ohio State with my Bachelors Degree in Operations Management, and my business has expanded to so much more! Katy Ryan Designs is now on Etsy and other venues, in local Ohio consignment shops, participates local events and craft shows around Ohio, and is a member of the Ohio Creative Collective! I love creating beautiful handmade pieces for people all around the world and continuing to support and advocate for supporting small, local, and handmade,

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